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about Kajot games.
Kajot Casino Ltd. is licensed and regulated in Malta by the Malta Gaming Authority, license number MGA / CL1 / 821/2012, issued on the 8th November 2012th

- 1 -
Terms of Service for Xenon Me
diathek Ltd.
20.08.2018 Version 1.34
1. General provisions
These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"
) refer to the use of games (according to
definitions below) through the w website
ww.kajot-casino.com and other addresses
URLs belonging to the company Pro Xenon Mediathek L
imited ("KAJOT" or "KAJOT")
"We") or to Pro Xenon Mediat
hek Limited License and which can
be continuously specified and associated use
ia internet, mobile phone
or other platforms (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "
The site and games are provided by Pro Xen
on Mediathek Limited (hereafter
These terms constitute a binding honey contract
day you and KAJOT.
KAJOT is a limited liability company
in Malta, reg. no. C54870, a
subject to Malta's law, located at Off
ice 1-2288, Level G, Quantum
House, 75 Abate Rigord Street, Ta 'Xbiex, XBX 1120,
KAJOT is licensed in Malte and reg
by the Malta Gaming Office
(Malta Gaming Authority) licensed under the MGA /
B2C / 218/2012, issued August 1
2018 and provides third-party games under license
 MGA / B2B / 310/2015 issued
1 August 2018.This terms of service are acquired
validity after clicking the button
"REGISTER". Click this button to confirm
You are KAJOT that you are
read and accept these terms and conditions.
Using any of these
website, you confirm that you agree to accept
Terms and Conditions.
You must read these Terms and Conditions
Ornate all before clicking the button
"REGISTER". If you do not agree with any of the u
establishing these contractual arrangements
terms and conditions, you may not use this site and
to continue their use.
KAJOT reserves the right to change these contractual terms
 conditions. About such changes
you will be informed and will need to be accepted
 these new Terms and Conditions before
as you can continue playing the game on the web
Morning. For reading this agreement
and its changes in every game and reading it special
rules of each game you play
you will only be responsible for yourself
they always knew about all the changes. it
If these terms change, you will find it easy
o When you look at the version number and date
of these Terms and Conditions listed on this site
These Terms of Service, which may be
change or change, you understand
and you fully agree to their compliance.
Rules and explanations of rules for each game after
specifically on the website
they become part of these conditions on the basis of their membership
1.10 These Terms and Conditions are published in many
languages ​​for information purposes and
Simplify access to players. All versions reflect
the same principles. Contracting
the basis of the relationship between you and KAJOT is
however, only the English version and v
any variations between non-English and an
the German version of these treaties
conditions will be preferred to the English version.
- 2 -
2. Eligibility to use KA services
You can participate in any game only if:
you are a person older than eighteen (18) years and above
or you have such a higher minimum
the statutory age, which determines the jurisdiction of the place in
your place of residence; and
the law allows you to participate in the games according to p
laws in jurisdiction
your place of residence;
you are not a resident of the Czech Republic, France
Netherlands, Germany,
Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, United
h States of America
or the United Kingdom.
You are solely responsible for finding out
if the information and ensure that by playing games
you will not violate the laws applicable to you.
3. Your member account
Register and open your member account.
If you want to make bets on any of us
you have to
first register with KAJOT and open it
account ("member account"). On the
You have to personally get your own account
You can only have one member account. If either
you are trying to open up more than
one member account, all billing accounts
ok that you will try
open, they may be blocked or closed. Poca
with registration, KAJOT
creates a snapshot of your system, 'Fingerprint'. T
This image may be
used, along with other criteria, to identify with
whether the player has opened
multiple accounts. Accounts are limited to one player,
household, email
address, IP address, credit card, or bank account
unless otherwise indicated.
If KAJOT decides to leave one
 from accounts open, it will
the first account you opened and activated in KAJOT
and all remaining deposits
in the player's wallet, if any, will be transferred
to the first activated account.
All winnings from duplicate accounts are down.

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